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29 June 2017
Show Dog Nashville Fires Up Summer Of Seventeen













Giving new meaning to the dog days of summer, Show Dog Nashville is gearing up for a full quarter of new music, big tours and high energy fun. Starting with the big dog daddy himself, Toby Keith is proving that where there's smoke, there's music.

Toby Keith

Recently chosen to receive the Academy of Country Music's Poet's Award for songwriting (Willie Nelson and the late Shel Silverstein are also recipients this year), Toby Keith is back with another self-penned song. This time, he may be flagged for having too much fun in the writing room. "Wacky Tobaccy" is exactly what it sounds like, and the video features a cameo from the namesake of Keith's beloved tune "Weed With Willie." The viral video has amassed more than 7 million views in the few days since it was released. 

In other Toby news, Show Dog just launched a Facebook Messenger chat bot, giving fans another avenue for interacting online. To access, go to your Facebook Messenger App  and search Toby Keith.  In person, they'll be flocking to venues nationwide as the Toby Keith Interstates & Tailgates Tour rolls through 2017, with a just announced stop in Nashville - Keith's first time to do so in 13 years.



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