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01 September 2016
Watch Toby Keith Behind the Scenes in the Studio as He Records New Single, “A Few More Cowboys”

Flag-waving, boot-kicking, U.S.A.-loving Toby Keith is back on the Billboard charts with a new single, “A Few More Cowboys.” The tune, which was co-written by Toby, Dean Dillon and Bobby Pinson, is straight out of Toby’s vintage-sounding repertoire. Throughout the song, the Oklahoma native croons about the Toby-esque solutions to some of our country’s problems, including the chorus: With a few more cowboys, be a lot less outlaws / With a few more Amens, be a lot less bad calls / With a few more yes ma’ams, and a lot less yes men / This world would be a better place to live in with a few more cowboys.

Check out this exclusive behind-the-scenes video as Toby and his crew record “A Few More Cowboys” in the studio.

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