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16 October 2015
Praise Rolls In For Latest Single, "Beautiful Stranger"

Singer, songwriter and entertainer Toby Keith has something special planned for the new single from his 35 mph Town album - something that's been in the works for a long time. The song is "Beautiful Stranger" and it's notable for two reasons, as radio listeners are finding out with airplay beginning on October 13.

"That was written years ago and I kept saying I wasn't putting it on an album until it had a shot at being a single," Keith explains. Not only is the timing right for the tale of rekindled love - the recording is, too. "The vocal shows some range people probably don't hear out of me a lot," Toby says.
"Where Mr. Keith is truly gentle, though, is in detailing the faultlines of the heart. 'Beautiful Stranger' is a sweaty song about rekindled passion, delivered with Teddy Pendergrass intensity. And on 'What She Left Behind,' Mr. Keith laments, 'The clothes she wore the night before/still laying on the bathroom floor/when I found her ring on the sink, I died.' He turns that last word into sort of a small death yelp, a compromise between country modesty and full soul release." 
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