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08 August 2013
Toby Keith Fan Club AFTER Party Update!

This isn't going to be your run of the mill fan club party. Usually, we all line up for hours outside of the venue in heat or rain. Then once the doors are open you find a seat and line up for a buffet lunch. Well, since this is an AFTER party, we'll probably all be at the show until about 11 pm and then go straight to the venue, where the doors will open at 11:30 pm. We figured no one would be in the mood for a huge meal at midnight, so we've arranged for a great appetizer buffet for you to nosh on. There will be a cash alcohol bar with lots of Toby's Wild Shot Mezcal in stock and the bartenders have been given recipes for some of the great drinks we've featured here on Toby's website. Soft drinks, water, tea, and coffee will be available at no charge.

We're really excited about the souvenir we've created for this event. The cool beer mug pictured is etched with the fan club logo and "20th Anniversary Party". We think you're going to love it! Of course, there will be lots of give-aways and other fun that we're not going to tell you about right now. We have to keep some of it a surprise for you!

All in all, this is a don't miss party! If you don't go, you'll be kicking yourself when attendees start posting about it on the forum afterwards! For those of you who have already ordered tickets, you will receive an email containing directions to the venue and other pertinent information at least a week before the event.

If you still need to purchase tickets, click here!

We'll see you in Indianapolis on September 7!

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