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18 September 2012
Toby Keith Fan Club Party Fun!
here.   This gallery is on the same system as the meet and greet photos, so you can download a free copy, or order professionally developed prints if you so desire.   If you were unable to join us at the party, you can see some of the fun we had in those photos, and maybe plan to join us next year!

The Red Solo Cup centerpiece contest was a huge success, and those of us who judged the winners were in total awe of the creativity!  We had everything from a partied out M & M, to a dragon, to a cowboy,  to a reproduction of Clancy's Tavern, complete with music - all made out of those little red plastic receptacles!  There was even one there from France!  Picking the winners  was definitely a difficult decision.   Photos of the centerpieces are also on line at the above link.

Thanks to all the fans who attended the party this year and helped make it a huge success!


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