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08 February 2012
Glee cover and more aren't enough, RSC is in demand on apps and on backs.

"Proceed To Party" Red Solo Cup t-shirts were added to Toby Keith's website store last week, selling out within a few hours. Fans who can't yet wear their RSC pride can wear out their RSC thumbs, as the song is the Free Track of the Week on Tap Tap Revenge, the No. 1 best-selling app store music game of all time.
And while Toby is nominated for three Academy of Country Music Awards (all for "Red Solo Cup"), his namesake restaurant chain, Toby Keith's I Love This Bar And Grill in Minneapolis, is also nominated in the Nightclub of the Year category. And that's not the only accolade the venue has recently received. Under the headline "Everybody Loves Toby," Country Weekly recently featured his restaurants and signature Wild Shot Mezcal, noting the rave reviews both have been receiving.

"Red Solo Cup" is the second and unexpected single from Keith's chart-topping album Clancy's Tavern, following the No. 1 smash "Made In America." The video for RSC bowed on YouTube and became an instant viral hit, drawing hundreds of thousands, then millions of views before it was released as a single.


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