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15 December 2011

"Red Solo Cup" sold nearly 100,000 copies last week, a 90% increase for the song, which continues in the overall top 10 on iTunes. Fast approaching the 500,000 download mark, the tune is also powering gains for the album. Clancy's Tavern saw a 49% increase last week, rising again to one of the top Country albums.
At radio, "Cup" is one of the most added songs and already Top 20 just a few short weeks after its official release. Meanwhile, retailers may be seeing a run on the red Solo cup, as one visitor to Wal-Mart found at a display full of blue and yellow Solo cups. A sign tacked to the shelf read, "Thanks to Toby Keith, we are out of red Solo cups."
Helping Keith's fans celebrate the season is a new drink recipe for the entertainer's signature spirit, Wild Shot Mezcal. The recently launched brand is turning the mezcal market on its ear, and Wild (s)Hot Chocolate can only add to the festivities. We hear it goes down particularly well when served in a red Solo cup.
Watch the Holiday Version of the video here:  

                        Wild (s)Hot Chocolate

                        1 oz. Wild Shot Silver
                        ½ oz. Kahlua coffee liqueur
                        2 oz. heavy cream
                        4 oz. hot chocolate
                        Top with whipped cream and a dash of cinnamon

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