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11 October 2011

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) Singer, songwriter and entertainer Toby Keith writes the vast majority of his own material, and that's certainly the case with his Oct. 24 album Clancy's Tavern. The exception among the upcoming release's 11 cuts is "Red Solo Cup," a woozy, boozy ode to the classic party beverage receptacle.

Written by Brett and Jim Beavers with Brad and Brett Warren, the song immediately captured Keith's attention: "It does everybody the same way it did me," he explains. "They'll say, 'That's the stupidest song in the world and I can't get it out of my head.' Sometimes it's good for the world to hear something like that."

Not only did Keith choose to add the song to his album, he brought the Beaver brothers and Warren brothers into the studio to lay down the instrumental tracks and sing background vocals. In fact, the four writers and Keith are responsible for every note on the cut. And they also star in the rollicking video ... but they're not alone.

The song certainly lends itself to a fun video - and Keith wasn't about to let that opportunity slip away. Guests in the clip include TV host Craig Ferguson; sports icons Roger Clemens and Larry Bird; fishing guru Jimmy Houston; entertainers Jeff Dunham (with Bubba J), Carrot Top and Lance Burton; and fellow recording artists Sammy Hagar, Ted Nugent, Eric Church, Joe Nichols, JT Hodges, Carter's Chord, Rose Falcon and Trailer Choir's Butter. Check out the video at: 

Meanwhile, the album's first single "Made In America" has topped all the major singles charts and is one of the fastest rising No. 1s in his career. Keith's international tour in support of the album release kicks off in late October.


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