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07 October 2011

Toby Keith recently topped the charts again ... with his signature spirit Wild Shot, which was named the No. 1 premium mezcal in the U.S. So it's no coincidence that Wild Shot is leading the charge for National Mezcal Day, planned for Oct. 21, which just happens to be the Friday prior to his upcoming album release.

The campaign includes a countdown clock posted at, and it's all leading up to a big Friday of special drinks, promotions and fun. For those fans who really get into the spirit (pun intended), a contest is offering autographed copies of the new disc, Clancy's Tavern, to the most active Wild Shot Facebook and Twitter contributors. The effort is underway now through Oct. 22.

As for the big day itself, Toby Keith's I Love This Bar & Grill restaurants will offer Wild Shot drink specials (Boston excluded because of local ordinance). Many of those beverages are likely to be the Blue Mezcalita, which is the most popular Wild Shot drink offered at Keith's establishments.

More than a few Wild Shot purchasers want to know how the man whose name is on the label takes his mezcal. The answer: Straight from the freezer as Wild Shot takes on a syrupy texture that makes it great for sipping. And, as you'd expect from drinks distilled in different ways from the agave plant, Wild Shot is an excellent substitute in any cocktail that calls for tequila.

While many-a-glass will be raised on National Mezcal Day, you can bet a few toasts will be thrown out the following Monday, too, as Clancy's Tavern hits stores around the world Oct. 24. The collection's first single, "Made In America," recently hit No. 1 on all the major charts and has become one of the fastest rising releases of his career. Keith's international tour in support of the album release kicks off in late October.


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