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13 July 2009
<"A magical summer-opening night - [Toby Keith is] an Oklahoma party in a tour bus." - CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER, June 2009>

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) Songwriter, vocalist and entertainer Toby Keith is a master of the kind of contradictions that seem to routinely flummox right and left coast media types, while delighting heartland fans from sea to shining sea. And his new single finds Keith both celebrating and skewering the inconsistencies and complexities we all experience on this "American Ride."

The title track from a new studio album due Oct. 13, "American Ride" is marked by the most aggressive sound Keith has put on record in his 16-year career. He doesn't pull any punches in the lyrics, either.

Plasma getting bigger, Jesus getting smaller
Spill a cup of coffee, make a million dollars
Customs caught a thug with an aerosol can
If the shoe don't fit, the fit's gonna hit the shan

That's us, that's right
Gotta love this American ride
Both ends of the ozone burning
Funny how the world keeps turning

Toby's America's Toughest Tour recently opened in New Jersey and is packing venues across the U.S., and his first major European tour kicks off in November.

With "American Ride" rocketing up the singles chart, That Don't Make Me A Bad Guy, his current album, boasts the back-to-back No. 1 hits "She Never Cried In Front Of Me" and "God Love Her." Beyond his highly visible presence in music, Keith has also starred in two successful major motion pictures, owns a chain of restaurants as well as his own record label, and recently launched his own clothing line.


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