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03 June 2008

(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) Singer, songwriter and entertainer Toby Keith is arguably the most successful country artist of the decade. In fact, his recently released Toby Keiths 35 Biggest Hits collection includes some of the most appreciated songs not only in his vast catalog, but in recent contemporary music. And they remain as vibrant as ever in the age of digital music.

The 34 previous hits and fast rising new single "Shes A Hottie" have combined for more than 4.5 million paid downloads on popular sites including the iTunes Music Store. With the exception of the newly-released "Hottie," these release-to-date (RTD) numbers stretch back prior to the release of TK35BH, and thus reflect the strong lineup of songs included on Keiths new two-disc collection. Some examples: "As Good As I Once Was" (510,000 downloads), "Beer For My Horses" (408,000) and "Courtesy Of The Red, White And Blue" (395,000).

That kind of impact is part of the reason Keith was recently ranked by Forbes as country musics No. 1 earning artist, with a 2007 gross estimated at $48 million. The financial digest considered concerts, merchandise, album sales and income from endorsements and licensing in compiling its ranking. Read more here (

So this summers theatrical release of Beer For My Horses on August 8 can only hope to build on the already remarkable career Toby Keith has built since 1993. But if his acclaimed performance in 2006s Broken Bridges is any indication, his future on the big screen is just as bright as his past, present and future on the big stage.


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